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Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts

PO Box 2162
Amherst, MA 01004

ARFWM provides direct financial assistance to women and girls seeking abortions who cannot afford them. Our primary commitment is to women and girls in the four counties of Western Massachusetts.
Dignified, affordable abortions are a legal right, but they are economically out of reach for many. No woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term because she cannot afford medical fees and related expenses. Our sisters, mothers, nieces, daughters, and friends depend on people like you. We expect 2017 to be unprecedented in terms of legal barriers to abortion access. We need your support more than ever.

Every donation contributes to a collaborative effort from multiple funding sources to support access to an abortion. First trimester procedures typically cost $650. Later abortion procedures cost thousands of dollars, plus additional expenses if travel is required. Your contribution may allow a woman to continue to pay her rent while taking care of her procedure costs. With your help, we can continue to be a vital resource for women who seek our support.

We are an all-volunteer organization founded in 1988. We rely on contributions from the Pioneer Valley community. While our primary commitment is to women in Western Massachusetts, we also help women elsewhere in the country, especially in areas where restrictions on abortion are causing danger and hardship.
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