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Act Too Studio Opera Workshop

40 Boynton Ave
South Hadley, MA 01075

We are an educational workshop offering hands-on experience in opera performance & production for teens--making way as they mold our artistic future!
Opera is the richest theatrical music we know, filled with emotion and all the terrifying complexity of human existence. It is incredibly powerful storytelling—the kind that taps into our deepest truths and a real understanding of the human condition. Like all theater, it has the power to make us better people. Our society tells us that the operatic form is dying and that classical singing is something younger people can't and won't appreciate, and we bought that into narrative just as much as anyone. These teens have proven us wrong.

What these students make of the work and the way they embrace it is what the future of the theater could be. These are not child prodigies who have been steeped in classical music their entire lives. They are normal teenagers, who go to public school and love Hamilton and High School Musical. But they've also fallen in love with this, and they're making it their own. They are hooked on the text, deeply immersed in the composer's interpretive language, and have personal stakes in the presentation of these works. Their passionate topics of disccusion around the material range from the deeply philosophical to the purely whimsical. They are just as intent on textual analysis as they are in sorting the characters into Hogwarts houses. And they are just as likely to challenge as to embrace what they find. Changes to our upcoming 2017 adaptation of Mozart's Cosi fan tutte are so significant, we've had to change the title (to Cosi fan tutti--ALL people are like that) to reflect their sensibilities, their politics, and their vision of the future.

These teens will not all become opera singers--very few of them will. But they all will be a part of shaping the future of the arts in our society. They will be the ones who, in industry in education, determine our artistic and human legacy.
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