Countdown to Give Day 

20 Maple Street
Belchertown, MA 01007

The mission of the Belchertown Historical Association is: -to promote educational and historical activities -to collect, hold preserve and exhibit objects and documents of historical value and interest -to hold and maintain the Stone House Museum and other properties and those that may be acquired.
The Stone House Museum, owned and managed by the Belchertown Historical Association, is where small town history lives. Whichever small town you or family lives or lived in, preserving any small townu2019s history is preserving almost all small towns; the names may be different, but the stories are oh, so similar. The Stone House Museum started out as the Dwight family home in 1827. The money to buy the home was donated to the Belchertown Historical Association in 1922, by a Dwight relative. The Association restored the house and opened it as a small house museum. Then, Henry Ford visited and donated the money to build the carriage barn in the style of the house. The next building to join the property was the Blackmer building, the home of Belchertownu2019s long-lived town newspaper, The Sentinel. This small house museum has been slowly expanding to represent the heart of rural life. We all went to school and remember our school days. The Washington District Schoolhouse, the townu2019s last one room intact schoolhouse, was saved from demolition and was moved to the Stone House grounds for preservation in 2016. It has been placed onto its new foundation. Weu2019ve owned the teacheru2019s desk, several student desks, a blackboard, the clock and the school bell for years. Now, we have the school building waiting to be restored. To tell the rural one-room schoolhouse story, we need to restore everything inside and out. You can make the honor roll again, or for the first time, by donating to the Stone House on May 1st, 2018, on u201cValley Givesu201d Day. Regardless of the amount, it all adds up and donations made before 10 a.m. on the 1st of May will be matched up to $1000. Best of all, there will not be a test on Friday! Please remember the Stone House Museum and the schoolhouse awaiting restoration on Valley Gives Day, May 1st, 2018. Thank you, The Belchertown Historical Association