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Clapp Memorial Library

The Clapp Memorial Library serves Belchertown and the surrounding area, offering connection, community, programs and services for all ages. Last year, we hosted 552 programs with an attendance of 12,886. The Library provided services valued at $2,164,646! The Library building is not town-owned or town-maintained. The Trustees of the Library are entrusted with the care and upkeep of this historic building, with no source of funding. Maintaining the physical integrity of the building ensures continued dynamic service to our Library community. Belchertown native John Francis Clapp left a generous bequest stipulating that a library be built in five years time in his hometown. On June 30, 1887, the Clapp Memorial Library building was dedicated. In an opening address, brother Dwight Clapp reminded his listeners to "do what little we can in our day to make life in this old hill town of New England richer and broader, higher and nobler, sweeter and purer, to generations which come after us". The Clapp honors and celebrates this generous tradition of philanthropy, that makes so much possible for so many.

19 South Main St
PO Box 627
Belchertown, MA 01007

The Clapp Memorial Library is a welcoming and lively center for lifelong learning, personal enrichment and community interaction. It is dedicated to serving greater Belchertown as a vital cultural resource and community center, and recognizes its role to promote the value of reading and self expression to local youth. The Library meets community needs as they evolve over time and connects its users to ideas, technologies, experiences, and to others in the community and the world at large.