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Friends of Hampshire County Homeless

P.O. Box 60398
Florence, MA 01062

To provide financial and volunteer support for the Hampshire County Interfaith Winter Shelter for homeless individuals and its associated programs; and to help the homeless find a better life.
The Friends of Hampshire County Homeless Individuals started in 1994 after a person froze to death when the year-round shelter in Northampton was full, leading the creation of a winter shelter for extra capacity. Since then, we’ve partnered with ServiceNet to finance and operate the Interfaith Winter Shelter and, since 2006, the Easthampton Annex sheltering another 6 people.

We also give shelter guests who need better footwear a voucher to buy warm, sturdy winter shoes or boots.

We have a fund to help clients without insurance with medication prescription costs until they can get registered with MassHealth.

When shelter guests get enough income to rent a room or small apartment, but find the security deposit an obstacle, we can help them with the deposit.

Our Happy Frog sculpture on Northampton’s Main Street collects donations to help fund a soup kitchen twice a week.

Since 2008, we’ve bought two houses to provide permanent housing for individuals who were homeless. We have now bought a third house, this one for unaccompanied homeless youth aged 18-24. It will be prepared to house 8 youth at a time, with complete support and training services.

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