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LightHouse Holyoke

208 Race St.
Holyoke, MA 01040

LightHouse exists to support young people in discovering and creating their best possible selves through individualized, flexible, and inspired collaborations between staff and teens. Guided by an advisor, learners take responsibility for their own education, envisioning and realizing their own goals at their own pace.

Your gift matters.

The whole world of education is talking about creativity, project-based learning, real-world skill development, and student-directed learning. LightHouse is doing it. Not only that, we are doing it with an incredibly diverse student body who are learning at least as much from each other as they are from their classes and projects.
Our goal is education, of course. But more specifically, our goal is to support each student to take control of their own lives and futures, to envision a future of possibility, and then build the skills they need to make it happen. This is a messy, bumpy process, and incredibly powerful.
Education is so much more than testing and credits. Education should be the process of developing the skills you need to build the future of your dreams, and most importantly, building the belief in yourself that this is possible. This is what is happening at LightHouse.
More than 85% of the students at LightHouse require substantial scholarship in order to attend. Your gift makes our program possible for some of the young people who need it most. Thank you. Special thanks as well to our matching gift organizations: Bueno y Sano, Froebel Insurance, Bresnahan Insurance, Conklin Furniture, and several individuals. Thanks for believing in our work and for inspiring others to give.
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