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The Massachusetts Review

211 Hicks Way
Photo Lab 309, UMass
Amherst, MA 01003

The Massachusetts Review is one of the nation’s leading literary magazines, publishing the best in literature, the arts, and public affairs since 1959.
In a time of increasing suspicion of critical and literary voices, MR continues to publish work by local and international writers in its print journal and through new digital initiatives, including the e-book venture, Working Titles. Your support helps ensure that MR continues to bring readers the very best in international literature, political thought, and groundbreaking art. Last year, MR launched Working Titles for extraordinary prose that’s simply too long for our print pages. Recent Working Titles e-books include journalist J. Malcolm Garcia’s investigation into deported U.S. veterans, Bruce Laurie’s inquiry into the photograph that mobilized the abolitionist movement during the Civil War, and an excerpt from Tabish Khair’s Just Another Jihadi Jane. And coming soon: a tale of survival in Qaddafi's Libya, and new work by Ivorian novelist Veronique Tadjo in translation. All titles are available from Weightless Books, Amazon, and Kobo. MR also launched its "Words and Music" series of live performances, beginning with "Syria in Words and Music" in 2016 and "Lebanon in Words and Music" in April of this year. These free events feature international writers reading their work in the original language, along with an English translator and musicians from the area. (Check out the performances here: ). Your generous contributions sustain these exciting new projects in a time when arts funding is under attack. You allow us to better support our contributing authors and artists, and to ensure that voices from the Valley and around the world continue to be heard.
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