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The Williamsburg Mill River Greenway

2 High St.
Haydenville, MA 01039

The Mill River Greenway Initiative is a working group of local citizens that represents all of the towns within the Mill River Watershed for the purpose of studying the ecological, cultural, economic, and recreational aspects of the Mill River with the aim of protecting the watershed, preserving its cultural artifacts, enhancing its biological health and identifying access points to encourage recreational activities. Our ultimate goal is to design and create a greenway along the Mill River. The Williamsburg Mill River Greenway Committee is working with the Initiative to implement the Williamsburg section of the Greenway.
The Williamsburg Mill River Greenway Committee is asking for support on Valley Gives Day with the kind cooperation of the Mill River Greenway Initiative and Connecticut River Watershed Council.

When completed, the Williamsburg Mill River Greenway will share the road up South Main Street to the Haydenville Library, then run on the Route 9 road bed for 2 miles to the Helen E. James School in Williamsburg center.

We need your help! Every contribution will go toward our ongoing work to make this happen!

The Committee has been working with the state Department of Transportation, so when Route 9 in Williamsburg comes up for its scheduled rebuild, a ten-foot shared use path from Haydenville to Williamsburg will be included in the design. The Mill River Greenway, running along the river side of the road and separated from car traffic by a landscaped curb, will connect the two village centers for pedestrians and bikers, and put Williamsburg on the Mass Central Rail Trail system after years of planning.

The Village of Haydenville recently joined the Rail Trail system this winter, with a project to regrade, pave, and add guard rails to the trail “dismount” about 1.5 miles west of Leeds village, bringing trail users safely out to South Main Street in Haydenville.

Materials from a forum hosted by the Williamsburg Mill River Greenway Committee on April 30 will be posted on the Committee's page at the Williamsburg town website, at the link below.

Williamsburg Mill River Greenway Committee

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