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The Rowe Center

22 Kings Hwy
PO Box 273
Rowe, MA 01367

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people to explore diverse, far-reaching subjects in order to learn about themselves, each other, our cultures and the earth, and go forth with new knowledge, insight, and courage. We do this by offering, in a safe and supportive environment, camp and conference programs that touch people’s depths and have a lasting effect.
Summer camp is a place of exploration of self, late night chats, long-lasting friendships, sun-soaked cabins, and delicious roasted marshmallows. Do you remember the smell of campfire that was impossible to get out? The songs where everyone was slightly off-tune? The first step into the lake during a hot day? At Rowe, we believe that every summer has a story. Do you remember your story? The Woodside Diversity Fund offers youth who wouldn't otherwise be able to come to camp the opportunity to experience the Rowe Spirit. By donating as little as $10 dollars, you can be part of a new camper's story. "Rowe has become such a haven for me that even thinking about my time there has managed to make me relax after a stressful event. I'm grateful that I continue to have the opportunity to come somewhere that I really feel I belong." - Rowe Camper
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